Saturday, January 1, 2011

The hills are ALIVE!

Our trip to Salzburg, Austria, gave me the chance to live one of my life dreams and go on the Sound of Music tour! It was so much fun to see some of the sights of the movie. These were things that have been a part of my life since I was 7. A big thanks to Lauren and Lisa for appeasing me and going along with the day-long excursion. Here are a few pics from the day:

The Sound of Music cow that awaited us at the beginning of the tour. It was amazing to me that our tour was full even in December. There are so many people, especially in the English-speaking world (ironically the tour was only given in English), that are in love with this movie, even after so many years.

The iconic gazebo! Unfortunately, I found out that this one was only used for the outside filming. The inside, like where the dancing took place, was a set. The gazebo isn't open anymore due to an injury: an 80 year old woman fell and broke her hip trying to dance around like Liesl.

We drove an hour out into the lakes and mountains district to the town of Mondsee to visit the church where Maria and Captain VonTrapp were married in the movie. From the movie, I had always pictured it as being so big! In real life, it was a lot smaller than I expected, and a lot But it was still very beautiful!

I had to go on an adventure to find the house. The tour couldn't take us there because the road leading up to it weren't fit for a bus, but they told us where to go to find it. I had to go! So, I hopped on the bus that afternoon, got off at Hellbrun Castle, and made my way up the road to the house. It took me awhile to find it, but it was totally worth it! Since I went out there by myself, I asked a sweet old Austrian couple that was walking by to take my picture. Granted, we communicated through broken English, but they didn't seem to understand why I wanted to have my picture taken in front of it. The lady asked, "Is this your future house?" Oh, how I wish! The gates were open, so I went in to explore the courtyard, too. I wish Abbey Schwada had been there to experience it with me!

Doooooooo!!!!! I wish I could sing like Julie Andrews! This was my moment of pretending to be her. I took this picture with my mom in mind, because she always said that, when she got to heaven, she wanted to strike this pose and sing as high as Julie Andrews in this scene!

Another part of the Do-Re-Mi sequence...pretending to be Julie Andrews.

Ice skating in the Christmas market in front of the Salzburg Museum.
Posing for another scene from the movie in front of the Mozart food bridge.

Nonnaberg Abbey where the real Maria Von Trapp was a nun and where the filmed parts of the movie as well. We couldn't make it up to the Abbey due to the weather and snow on the hill, but it was still fun to see it in the background.