Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some highlights as of late...

As kamp is nearing the end, I'm reminded of some of the wonderful things that have happened as of late. I was hoping to include a ton of pictures with this, but my computer keeps giving me trouble. Here are a couple, and I'll just have to explain the rest.

Emily, Kyle, and I (my fellow KPDs) went with Spook (our Women's Director who is absolutely hilarious and fun) to try out the new BMX track at K-2. We had a BLAST riding over the hills and attempting to get some air on the jumps. I loved getting to spend that time with them and Spook as well. It's moment like that at kamp, where I just get to release and be myself, that I'm reminded how much I love it. On that note, after our last picnic for a new term of kampers, we had a kitchen staff/support staff (I'm included here)/leadership softball game. It was SO MUCH FUN. Softball is one of my favorite things to do anyway and getting to play with people that I enjoy being with, it was an absolte blast. I don't think anyone knew I could play, so that made it fun, too.

Kyle, Emily, Ali, Ashley, and I (again the KPDs and Ropes girls) always feel so blessed by our women's leadership team, so we wanted to think of way to bless them. This was definitely hard since there's not many options that they haven't already done for someone else and we couldn't let them find out what we were doing. With some help from the dock daddies and a couple of other friends, we were able to plan a great afternoon for them. We placed invitations in their boxes, with an RSVP requested to the box of a guy who was on a 24 that day. We eventually lead them to the dock, where we surprised them with a bubble wand (cheesy I know!) and a boat ride out to a secret location. It was fun to drive women who have been at kamp for a long time and for them to have no idea where they were going! We ended up taking them to a restuarant on the lake about 15 minutes away, where we treated them to appetizers, drinks, and dessert. We then gave them notes of appreciation and encouragement. I think they enjoyed it!

Below is a picture of some of my best friends at kamp. We were at a party for all of the "lifers" at kamp, the people who serve all summer. It was a blast to be able to spend time with them and celebrate the summer!

Each day, two counselors, one boy and one girl, are assigned as "Officers of the Day". They create a theme for the day and run the meals and morning and evening flag. One day this week was "Disney World". Kyle and I were a part of the skit: me, as Sleeping Beauty and Kyle as Pocahontas (sp?). We were in the skit that morning (I just slept the whole time), and then we had to wear our costumes the rest of the day, signing autographs and taking pictures with the kampers. It was quite amusing to climb up on the lifeguard stand in a HUGE pink dress. It was hot, but worth it! So much fun!

To say that it's been hot at kamp lately is an understatement....the other day it was 112. We've been going on with our normal days, but definitely taking precautions. One of my counselors did get dehydrated the other day and her co got sick as well, so I got to step in as a counselor for a day. It was so much fun! It was good to be reminded of the joys and struggles a counselor faces. It was also interesting being a counselor with a KPD brain. It was kind of weird balancing it, but overall I'm so thankful to have gotten to spend more time with those kampers.

Prayers right now are strength and energy to finish the summer strong and RAIN to reduce the heat. Even the lake isn't refreshing anymore. But here we go...LTAS!! (Last Time All Summer)