Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer 2011. Game on.

It's here already....Summer 2011. Still blows my mind, but right now I'm sitting in the basement of a kamp family, watching the Thunder v. Mavs game and hanging out with some of favorite friends at K-West. A few of us came up to kamp early to get things ready, such as cleaning the cabins and stocking supplies. A handful of boys came up even earlier in the week to really get the ball rolling and open up kamp. Us girls were lucky to come in after a LOT had already been done. Tomorrow, more staff arrive for Klinics. This is when a few people get trained in specific sports, canoeing, kayaking, and boat driving. I finally get to be trained to be a boat driver this year...I'M SO EXCITED! It's going to be great because it is something new for me to do this summer. Being the 4th summer here, it's good to have a little bit of change. It'll be fun for sure. After a couple days of Klinics, the rest of the summer staff will arrive for Work Week. Basically a week of fun, bonding, learning about kamp, and lots of work. Hopefully, it won't get too hot yet. It hasn't been too bad yet. I actually wore sweatpants and long-sleeve shirt to breakfast this morning!

So for this summer I'm doing the same job that I did last summer. I'll be a KPD (Kamper Personnel Director...basically a really fancy title for not that fancy of a job). I'm excited about it this year because I'll be working with some of my favorite friends at kamp: Emily and Kyle!! I'm praying that, even though I'll be doing the same job again, that I will gain a new perspective on it. I don't want it to be the same old same old, but rather find joy in the new things and an energy to do it well! Also, this is the first summer that I officially feel old. Looking at the list of people coming in this week, most of them are freshman and sophomores. And I'm a college graduate. Strange. But cool too. Anyway, I have to head back to kamp now, but just be praying for safe travel and preparation, for personalities to mesh, and for the Lord to be IN THIS SUMMER. Game On, K-West. 2011. Let's go.