Saturday, May 30, 2009

And it all begins....

Hey friends!
So, first of all, again, I'm excited that you're actually reading this. And I'm sorry that I haven't updated things until now, but this is the first time that I've gotten internet access so far. It's so weird. I feel like I have so much to catch up on! Staff training week has been great so far. I can't believe that kids come in 2 DAYS!!! It's so crazy! This week has been packed. Staff training week is basically a time that we, as staff, get to be kampers and do kamp for about a week and a half. We are all split up among the cabins and have vet counselors that are our "shepherds" and act kind of as our counselors. Walking into K-West this summer was one of the most wonderful feelings. There are so many people from last summer here. It felt like I was coming home! So good...just getting to hug and reconnect with old friends! It was so fun to Esther Kim there with me to. For those who don't know, she was a girl on my hall this year at Baylor. Not gonna lie, she was one of my favs : ) It's so cool to have her here. I rode up to Missouri with my friend Will and then met Esther in Branson so that we could drive the 45 minutes out to Lampe together. But yeah, it's so good to finally be here. But it's weird at the same time, since I know that I'm going to be here all summer. It's kind of a daunting idea, especially since I was, and still am, so tired coming off of the school year. And not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally, too. This past year was great, but tough, too. I was in several roles that meant pouring out to others. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome and a great way to grow and learn, but it leaves you really drained. Thank goodness that we have a God who can fill that void! I definitely didn't lean on Him enough this year. I tried, but I just don't exactly know what that looks like yet. But, coming into this summer, I knew that something had to change. I couldn't keep going the way that I was if I was going to successfully make it through this summer. Thank goodness I'm in a place that's perfect for me to grow in this area. I was talking with my friend Renee here about this and wanting to grow and be challenged in my faith this summer, and she suggested that I find someone to disciple me while I'm here. It has been in the back of my mind or the past month or so, so it was cool to have that confirmation. Now it's just trying to figure out who to ask....that means a lot of I'll have to get back to y'all on that one!

Anyway, sorry for that ramble, but I just wanted to let y'all in on what's going on in my heart this week.

Let's see....highlights of staff training: getting to participate in and get certified in all the different activities (mountain biking in the mud, archery, challenge course, tree tops, canoe, kayak, sailing, pool--blob, diving boards, rings, waterslides, and maybe a few more that I'm fogetting....), a giant all-Kanakuk/KAA staff rally at K-2 (awesome to see so many college students on fire for Christ!), roller skating in Branson, talent show, staff bonding, running through a "real day" of of K-West, a western dance party, and an awesome worhip night at the K-1 chapel (so powerful!). Ok, I have to stop there, because I want to tell y'all about the worship night. We sang together and then had a chance to verbally bless each other and encourage one another. It was so cool to hear the blessings pour forth from people that had only known each other for 5 days! Wow!

OK, let's see...what else. Um, oh yeah! Ok, so since I'm going to be here all summer, I'm working two different jobs, counselor first half and then "kitchie komo" second. So, I've been kind of simultaneously training for both of those this week, which can be pretty crazy! Now, "what is a kitchie komo" you may be asking!! Well, let me tell you! So there are cooks and kitchies in the kitchen. Obviously, cooks do the cooking for the masses of people at kamp. As kitchies, we do everything else: clean the mounds of dishes, pots and pans, prepare and serve the drinks, fruit and salad bar, serve everyone in the Chuckwagon (dining hall), and clean everything after every meal. I guess this is kind of a lot to describe in a blog. But it's so much fun!! There are about 10 or so of us that are going to be kitchies second half. Our group is so great. I'm really excited to work with them. Remind me to tell you the story of how Kaylee Beaver got into the University of Florida. It's just a taste of the crazy cool people I'm going to be around this summer!!

One of my other fun highlights has been getting to know one of the director's kids. His name is Carter and he's 4, I think. So cute! He's the son of our assistant men's director and my boss from last year. They have four boys, Hunter, Connor, Carter, and Colton, who are all precious. It's always been my goal to be their friends, but they're hard to befriend and for them to actually remember your name! haha....but it makes sense since they are constantly bombarded by college students who think they are awesome! Anyway, I'm finally in with Carter! We bonded over a Ninja Turtles video game at Skate World and now we're friends! He painted me a picture of myself and a spider haha and then drew me a picture of the Ninja Turtles. So, today, I decided to return the favor and draw him one back! He loved it! was so cute to watch him show everyone the picture. It was of the two of us in super hero capes with the Ninja Turtles. He promptly told me that I should've drawn bad guys, too. My bad, haha. But yay for being friends with Carter!

Ok, I feel like I should wrap this up. I've been sitting here at Panera in Branson for way too long. We have to be back in out cabins be 11 tonight, so it doesn't give us much time. So it's off to dinner soon at Famous Dave's at the Branson Landing! I don't know when my first 2-4 (day off) will be when I'll be able to update this again, but I'll try my best. I love you all! Write me if you think of it and please pray as the kids come. Pray for their traveling safety, cabin unity, strength and energy for the staff, and that the Spirit will move! It is so evident that He is here. It's so wonderful!


  1. Miss you!!! Love your honesty about figuring out what it looks like to depend fully on God! Keep us updated. AJ sends a squeel your way.

  2. Yes, I've seen Esther Kim in your other pics. I'm sure that it's good to have her there.

    I have to remember that sometimes the Lord hears the most minute of prayers.

    You'll be fine! Love, Me

  3. Allie,
    I really enjoyed the update. I know this is going to be a great summer.