Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can it really be this good? And can it really almost be halfway over??

Wow, I can't believe how much time has gone by already! This week has been great. Mcos and I are really growing a lot closer. In fact my co-counselor, Kyle, would say that, "This week has been a dream. I've gotten to teach my favorite classes, aerobics and cross country. And our girls are incredible! There is even one that's my twin! Her name is Olivia and she loves food, shoes, guys, mini-golf, James Morrison, and soccer!" haha...so anyway, that's Kyle's thoughts.

But anyway, so my cos and are are becoming closer and understanding each other better and how we approach life and the girls. I can't believe that we're on our 5th week of campers! And it's weird to think that there are only two weeks left before a lot of the staff changes and new people come in. I don't want my new friends to leave! It's been so much fun to have 2 great cos.

One of the best things about this term is that my little brother is here!! YAY! He's so great! It seems like he's grown up so much, especially now that I'm seeing him in the context of kamp and remembering what he was like in kamp last year. It makes me so proud of him! He decided to take soccer specialty this year, which is different for him, but cool at the same time since he wants to try to play at school next year. His best friend from Colorado, Austin, is here for the first time, too, which I think is a huge blessing for him! It's so fun to see them run around together and just have fun! I don't know exactly what Austin Armstrong thinks of kamp so far, since it's a new thing, but I know that he'll love it by the end!

It's weird to think that this is the last round of everything as a counselor. The last tribal night, the last Traildust western dance, the last campfire, etc. I have absolutely LOVED where I'm at this summer so far! Being a counselor is incredible! I love teaching classes (esp. mountain biking, sailing, canoeing, trampoline, blobbing, and working the really tall white slide!) I also love having cos and just getting to hang out with the girls. Often, I feel inadequate as a counselor, but I guess that's OK. When I am weak, HE is strong. It's just weird not always being able to see the fruit of your labor. I feel like so often I don't see the benefits of what we're doing. I just have to keep reminding myself that that's OK.

Aside from all the good things going on at kamp, there has been a lot of craziness. It seems like spiritual warfare is so prevalent! Please in prayer for K-West, Kanakuk, and all the Christian camps this summer. Sickness has been so prevalent everywhere, and it seems like everytime we turn around something crazy is happening, whether it's with staff or kampers. Please keep us in your prayers.

As for me, I would say that I'm going pretty strong. I think God has prepared me for the time that I'm going to be here. Part of me is tired, but, overall, I'm motivated to finish out these last two weeks as a counselor. And I'm excited to move into the kitchen on July 7th! The girls that I'm going to be working with in there are incredible! It's going to be so much fun getting to live life with them!

Alright, well I'm gonna call it quits...I need to wrap some things up and get ready to head back. Love you all and thanks for all of your continued support!

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