Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th is hands-down my favorite day of the summer.

First of all, an explanation for the picture. This one is of my co, Kyle, and I, and two of our precious kampers haha. They were twins and an absolutely a RIOT! Miss them!
The other picture is of me and my three cos, Diana and Kyle, on western night. One of my favorites!
Then there's a picture of my sweet home away from home- CABIN 2! We're having a shaving party on the front porch :)

First of all, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE!!! Yay! So the 4th was incredible at kamp! It's just like a giant party all day. That morning, I had Austin's counselors wake him up a little early and we went out and played soccer together and just hung out. Even though I've gotten to see him a lot just around kamp, it was good to just spend some QUALITY time with him and just talk and catch up. So, of course, that started things off well. After I sent Austin back to his cabin, I ran back to the girls' cabins and my co, Kyle, and I got to help leadership set off firecrackers and smoke bombs to wake the girls up. Haha, it was so amazing! We then proceeded to sing patriotic songs at the top of our lungs and run into our cabin and wake up the girls.
So the day started off with a bang! And I love that everyone wears red, white, and blue all day! That afternoon, instead of having normal dinner, we had a HUGE picnic out in the fields. The kitchen worked so hard for us to have bratwurst and hotdogs, TONS of salad and fruit salad, chips, soda, and homemade apple pie and ice cream. Oh! It was so good! Then we all walked over to K-2 and met K-2 and K-7 for some more celebration! There was a surprise concert by Lecrae, Tedashii, and Flame (all really talented Christian rappers) and then some awesome fireworks!

I can't believe that I'm at the midpoint of my summer. Looking back it seems like so much has happened, but, at the same time, I'm sad to see this half end. Yesterday, staff for second session started to come in, and tomorrow after this group of kids leave, most of the first session staff will leave. Granted there are some of us that are staying all summer, but I'm going to be so sad to see people go, especially my cos! They are so incredible! I've truly been blessed! Diana is just such a rock. I love her knowledge of the Bible and her practical way of looking at life and grounding me when I pull myself into things too much. And Kyle is just a constant ball of energy! Honestly, I have no explanation of where her energy comes from except from the Lord. She wakes up with a smile on her face and goes to bad just as excited for the next day.

I can definitely tell that I need to be refreshed at this point. As of now, I'm sitting at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson with my parents. They are here to pick Austin up, and it's been such a blessing that I was able to take a 2-4 while they're here and just relax and rejuvenate. I really needed to see them. It's so good just to hang out. I'm sad that my time as a counselor is coming to an end. I've enjoyed it thoroughly and have just been blessed in so many ways! I'm excited to move to the kitchen on July 7th, too. I think it's going to stretch me and show the meaning of service more than I've ever known before. Well, I better go. It's time to head back to kamp. But this weekend I get to go to Kallie Milliorn's wedding in Abilene. So, if you're going to be in good 'ol A-Town, I'll see you soon!!!

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