Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo of the Day

Dear Blogging World,

It's been awhile since I've been out here! Today has been an especially chill Monday so, in the strange habit of always wanting to be busy, I've decided to start posting Photos of the Day! Just a fun and simple way to share my favorite moments of the day with the people I care about. I have some good ones from the past few days, so I'll post several. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 18- Yay for graphs! Here's one of my 4th graders holding up his bar graph. He was so proud! My grou pdeveloped some questions that I used to poll my TA class. My students then analyzed the results and made a graph on their own. I was so impressed!

Saturday, March 20- Bearathon....failure. Due to weather, the "Toughout Half-Marathon in Texas" quickly became the toughest half that never happened. Kind of a bummer...but I felt really bad for those who had trained so hard! We just wanted to run the 5K. But we still got a shirt! That's all that matters, right? But we went to Cafe Cap for breakfast instead...much better option! This is us "so tired" from the exhausting workout!

Sunday, March 21- White Violet! This is such a fun ZTA event that the new members get to enjoy with their family. I got a certificate for being on the Dean's List. So exciting! This is me and my beautiful Zeta fam. It's so weird to be a grandbig!

Monday, March 22- I learned an importnat lesson in cooking today. DO NOT microwave spinach in a bowl covered with a napkin. IT WILL CATCH ON FIRE.

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