Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is not what I expected...

I know that it's been awhile since the last time that I updated. I haven't had time off since Kallie's wedding. And unfortunately, my time right now is short since my laptop is dead and I'm having to borrow a friend's.

Well, to start things off, the Lord's plans are so much greater than mine and way more than I could expect. As you know, as on July 7th, I moved into the kitchie cabin and began working in the kitchen. The ORIGINAL plan at the beginning of the summer was to be in the kitchen the rest of the summer, and I was excited for that. Then, on July 6th, a day before the big changeover, I was told, since there were a couple staff members that didn't show up, that I was going to switch back to being a counselor for the last two weeks of the summer (6th term), of course, I was excited about that as well!

So, off I go into the kitchen! At first, it was really weird not being with kids all the time and not being on the same schedule as the rest of kamp. We had to be in the kitchen around 7:30 to prepare for breakfast would usually finish things up after boys' and girls' meal around 10:30. Then, we would have a break in which we would have Bible study together or time with our accountability partner. Then is was back to the kitchen at noon to prepare for lunch! We usually finished again around 3:30 and were then free to do whatever until 6:00. That time was absolutely wonderful, but weird at the same time having so much freedom around kamp. We would go down to the dock, Aquaskip (you should check it out!) and just hammock around and relax.

So, time in the kitchen was wonderful and refreshing being with peers and just learning and growing together. And it was HARD WORK. It was so physically exhausting and often hard to always enjoy the time in the kitchen, but I made some incredible friends and made some great memories, as cheesy as it sounds. Overall, I'm so thankful that I had the chance to have that experience, but, then, SURPRISE! I got ashed to be a counselor again! So, here I am, counselor in the oldest cabin this term and the next oldest the next. It was crazy to think that they asked me to switch back, and kind of daunting, but leadership has been so encouraging and helpful through it all. My girls are great and I'm excited to get to challenge them more. Thankfully, they are here for two weeks and I'm so excited to get to have that much time with them!

Sadly, I just got told by Joe that I have to get off. Love you all!

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