Monday, June 7, 2010

A break feels so good....

I'm on my first real 24 of the summer and it feels so, so good. I mean, we had a few breaks during staff training week, but this has been the first time since I got here that I've been able to stop, sleep, shop, and take care of things as needed. We got our first slew of kids on June 1st. At first, I didn't really know what to do. I am so used to being in the counselor role...having a co-counselor and my own group of kids to run around with and look out for. But, when those kampers started arriving, I think it really hit me that I won't have that again. Yes, I still get to hang out with the kampers when possible and teach classes, but it's not my job anymore to run around with a group of 12 middle schoolers. Part of that is sad, but the more I get into it, it's exciting as well. It's take me awhile to figure out my job as a KPD (or middle management position as John Coffer likes to call it). Basically, I'm a counselor without a cabin. Instead, I'm in charge of cabins 4, 5 and 6. The majority of these grisl are 12. They are absolutely wonderful! For the past two years, I have alwasy worked with the older girls, so it is nice to be with the young ones for a change. They are so great! It's fun to get to encourage their counselors and spend time in the cabins when I can. I feel like I have gotten to know about a third of the girls in my cabins decently well. It's kind of cool getting to be the "fun aunt" who comes in randomly and just gets to hang out. Sometimes this means making friendship bracelets, braiding hair, helping with make-up for the western party, playing Horse, talking my the pool, and just hanging out in classes. On the flip side, it's been cool to get to help out on the leadership side of things. It's been such an honor to get to sit in on some meetings, talk things out, help with activities, etc.

Some highlights of kamp so far:

- seeing 3 SNAKES in the lake while teaching sailing. Are you kidding me?? 15 years at kamp and NOW I'm seeing snakes. Awesome.
- Komo Leaderships girls v. Cabin 8 in a dodgeball game. They won. Don't want to talk about it : )
- teaching the FIRST EVER girl's aquaskipping class at K-West. Such a blast.
- dancing our heart out in the gym, dining hall, and anywhere else it randomly busts out
- swimming in the lake with my All-Around Specialty girls
- getting to sit in the teepee with the chiefs and princesses during tribals
- the Western dance...always a blast!
- playing my djembe for K-Life worship
- leading PINK with Nicole...the girl's daily specialty awards
- midnight Bananagrams with my fellow KPDs
- hanging out with the Rapp kids

Ok, I have to go for now. Time to head back to kamp. Love you all and I wish I had time to write more and talk to you all. Check out facebook for some pictures.

Please be praying for kamp, the staff, and the kids that are coming through. We need your support!

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