Saturday, July 10, 2010

New beginnings!

Hey friends,
Well, we are officially halfway through the summer. On one hand I can't believe it and, on the other, it feels like I've been here for so long! A few days ago, I got to take a 48 (2 days off) with my mom when she came to pick Austin up from kamp. It was so good to see her! It made me really miss being with my family and the fact that I'm going to be at kamp for so long. But at the same time, being away from kamp for that time, even just 48 hours, reminded me of how much I really do love it and how blessed I am to be there. It was great to relax with mom at Big Cedar Lodge, get a pedicure, see Toy Story 3, go to Austin's closing ceremonies at kamp, and play shuffleboard and putt-putt with the family. I wish that dad had been able to be there. He started his new job at Barksdale AFB in Bossier City, LA a few days ago. From what I've gathered, I think he is really enjoying it. Hope fully, we'll have out house and be officially moved in sometime in August.

As for kamp stuff, being halfway through the summer means staff changeover. A lot of my friends on staff stayed at kamp, but so many of them went home as well. A new, fresh group of counselors, kitchies, office girls, etc just got here. It was hard to see dear friends go. It's crazy to think about the work that they've done and how used I've gotten to working with them. The counselors in my section of cabins did a wonderful job. I could not be more proud of them!

It's kind of fun to have the chance to start over with a group of counselors. I switched sections. I'm now in charge of cabins 7, 8, and 9. These girls are all mainly 13 and going into 8th grade, which is basically a year older than the girls I had before. I feel good about this session....I've done my job once. I know what I've done well and what I need to work on and how I want things to look.

Some highlights of the past few days:
I am specialty head for All-Around specialty. Our goal for All-Around is basically to make a fun experience for all types of girls. Some may be super athletic and just burned out on sports and some just want to have fun. We have to be super creative in order to make sure most of them enjoy the class! We survey the kids at the end of each term and ask them what they thought of different things about kamp. I checked the scores for All-Around specialty, and 96% of our girls gave us an "awesome". I was so excited! My goal had been 90%. I couldn't believe it. Look like we'll just have to shoot for 100 this next time.

Yesterday in All-Around, we played a game when the girls had to "capture the cabin porch" of the other team. The girls were running around, trying not to get hit by tennis balls as they raced to the other team's porch. My good buddy, 5-year-old Carter Rapp, played with us yesterday. He had a great time!

Fourth of July was absolutely AMAZING!! I love that day at kamp! Jenica, our head cook, planned an amazing meal of hamburgers, brauts, fruit salad, and star-shaped rice krispie treats. So fun! Then, we walked up to the K-2 fields and met our neighboring kamps, K-7 and K-2 for fireworks and patriotic fun!

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