Friday, November 12, 2010

OMG, where did you get that playsuit?

^ That was one of my favorite Bristish ads I saw today.
What a day! Phew...thinking of it just makes me tired. We started our day with a full English breakfast at our inn: Candian bacon, sausage, fried egg, beans, and a tomato. i tried it for teh experience. Too bad I'm not a fan of beans or tomatoes. Butthe English definitely know how to get their protien in! Props for that. I thought of Allison Benage with all thatprotien on my plate.

After breakfas,t we went into London. Take a bus and train into Waterloo Stationand there we are! My frist time in thisfamous city! It was really cool...but much busier and crowded than I envisioned. We proceeded to go on "Barrett's Beath March" led by our professor. This basically equaled speed-walking around London dragging behind a man who could be my grandfather. We saw Big Ben, the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, a glimpse of No. 10 Downing Street, Trefalgo (sp?) Suqare, Buckingham Palace, the theater where Harry Potter premiered last night, Chinatown, Harrod's ad the Tate Modern Museum. Quite a day when I look back on it! We got to look at a lot, but not much in depth. I'm realizing on this trip how much I'm like my dad...I enjoyed the historical things way more than the shopping/glitz of the city...oh man. NOw back ot the city tomorrow for some more LEISURELY exploration and dinner with some of my Baylor frieds who are here with Baylor Great Britain. Yay!

P.S.- Idon't see how people can enjoy life here all the time...all the rain, cold, and darkness. It's been getting dark at 4:30. So crazy!

The London Eye. I think it's the second tallest observation wheel in the world. Can't wait to go on it! This picture is for my student, Will, who was asking about it.

The group in front of Big Ben!

The theater where the 7th Harry Potter film premiered last night. It would have been really cool to be there last night.

Lisa, Lauren, and I in front of Buckingham Palace!

Posing with a horse guard in front of the building where the Queen's calvary is stored.

With a friendly guard in front of Buckingham Palace. He told us our fun fact for the day: England could fit into the state of Texas 28 times! (I guessed 7...way off.)

Lunch! Shepherd's Pie, salad, and a latte. I'm trying to convince myself to like coffee, but it didn't work. And yummy pudding for dessert.

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