Sunday, November 7, 2010

UK in 3!

So in 3 short days I will be on my way to the UK! It's crazy, I know. It still seems so surreal to me...but I know that I'm going to love it! I'm going with a group of Education students from Baylor as a study abroad. Since we have to student teach all year, we can't study abroad for a semester like other majors can. Instead, we have to fulfill our requirements at a school here and Waco and can choose to spend a month out of the country. There is one group from Baylor going to Australia (my roommate, Kelsey and friend, Deanna are going on that one) and then my group going to England! There are seven students and two professors in my group.

I am so excited to get to go on this adventure and would love for you to come along with me! The blog will once again become active as I head off across the world. Some of my posts will be for my 3rd grade class at Robinson Elementary and some will be for my friends and family (I'll specify accordingly). I can't wait to share this experience with you!

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  1. We can't wait to "go to England" with you, Beene! BTW...welcome back to the blogging world! :-)