Tuesday, November 23, 2010


One of the different things about England is that they have a sport called Netball, or High-Five. I had heard people talk about it before and really wanted to know what it was! It's similar to basketball in some ways, but also very different. First of all, the court is about twice the size of a normal basketball court, and it is split into thirds. There are seven players who play at a time on each team. Each player has to wear a penny (or jersey) that indicates which position they are playing...kind of like soccer. I don't remember them all, but there is a center, goal shooter, goal defender, wing attack, goal keeper. Really interesting!

Lauren and I got to watch a game in action! It started by the official holding the ball in between the two centers. The girls both grabbed for the ball, and, before I knew it, one team had it! They didn't throw the ball in the air or anything. It was strange. I really don't know how they decided which team got the ball. Anyway...

According the rules, once a player has the ball, they can't move or even dribble! They can pivot on one foot, but they have to pass of shoot. Meanwhile, the other players are trying to run around and get open, dodging and trying to outsmart thier defender. If the ball touches the ground, goes out of bounds, or is intercepted, it is the other team's ball. Depending on their position, students are only allowed in a certain area of the court. The object, like basketball, is to score goals...but (surprise!) there is no backboard. You just have to shoot and hope it goes in!

That's all I've learned so far, but I just wanted to share one of the many new and different things that I've been learning with you!

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